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Reason Number One to Show Up Early to BNI:Reason Number One to Show Up Early to Your BNI Meeting

Tell the members all you want how quickly you respond to clients- that you are reliable and show up on time. Show them that you can be punctual, accountable and prepared – and it makes all of the difference. There is an unspoken understanding that those who arrive early and on time have their proverbial “shit together.” That matters when passing referrals.

Reason Number Two:

Business Networking Quote: The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.

I suspect the successful invest in both. Your BNI membership is an investment in time and money. Why not make both of them work for you? Every year, you pay a membership fee  to BNI – and every quarter – you pay just to be in the room. Get the most out of your time and money by doing more of what works – networking with your referral partners and their visitors.

Reason Number Three:
Business Networking Quote: It's not who you know, it's who knows you.

As a matter of course, we ask all of our visitors to meet us early so we can introduce them around. Whether it’s your visitor or not, if you show up early, you are in a position to meet people first- and you’re smart, you can also be remembered as the person who helped to introduce them to key people. It can’t hurt to be known as the person who knows who you need to know.

Reason Number Four:

Business Networking Advice: Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full

If there’s one thing that doesn’t always fit well into the course of our meetings – it’s the actual breakfast. If you eat during open networking- you aren’t networking. If you eat during the 45 second commercials – you’re not taking notes – and there’s a good chance you’ll be called on with a mouth full of bacon – and if you wait for the ten minute presentations, the food you undoubtedly piled on your plate at 7am is now cold. That leaves 3 safe minutes during the educational minute for breakfast. Getting in early while it’s still quiet gives you an opportunity to enjoy the breakfast without feeling guilty.

Reason Number Five:

Business Networking Quote: You can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

The leadership team gets in early. What better time to touch base with the leadership on the current progress of the chapter’s goals? Take some information away from the conversation. Is the chapter lacking in visitors? One-to-ones? You can help encourage your fellow members as they come in to help pick up the stats in those areas. When the chapter is successful, it’s members are successful. Showing up early and actively participating is just one of many ways to build up your Giver’s Gain Karma.

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